While the Church does not promote parents to pick-up their missionary, it does not prohibit it. If you choose to return home with your missionary, his/her mission president and mission office staff will provide important information as you plan your trip. Please be sensitive to the time and involvement of the mission president and mission office staff. They are busy managing their mission and are not a travel agency.

Consider these suggestions:

  1. Avoid planning a long return trip with your missionary. Remember, your son/daughter is still a missionary and is in an “in between” state as he/she is still a set apart missionary, but not living in a missionary environment when traveling home with parents and family.

  2. Your missionary is a missionary until he/she is released by his/her stake president . The Elder or Sister is expected to dress and conduct themself as a missionary. Until officially released, your missionary should always have a companion, which in most instances can be a parent or mature sibling.

  3. Plan on arriving in the mission office city the day before your missionary’s release date so that you can be rested and ready to greet your missionary.

  4. Avoid contacting your missionary before he/she is ready to be released to you by the mission president.

  5. Your missionary will be released on a date established by the mission president. Do not request a change in the release date to accommodate your travel plans or business.

  6. As noted previously, request permission to pick up your missionary from his/her mission president at least three months prior to his/her release date.

  7. Do not ask the mission president or office staff to make travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, or plan out your trip.

  8. Do not ask to be hosted at the mission home.

  9. Never impose on members, missionaries, or other missions as you travel.

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